Open Edgewize. The flexible opensource firewall.

Open Edgewize is a highly flexible firewall/router that provides user based management, application layer filtering, and everything else you would expect from a enterprise grade firewall. It was built from the ground up, to fulfill, what we believed was missing from our network infrastructure. Open Edgewize is managed locally, and provides the building blocks of the Edgewize service.

Looking for Sphirewall? The Sphirewall Opensource project has become "Open Edgewize" as part of Linewize. Still opensource, still awesome and still owned and by developed by the same team. To find out more about the transition to Open Edgewize and Linewize, you can read our blog post here.

Key Features

Application Layer Filtering

Just managing your network by port numbers and ip addresses is no longer sufficient. With the growing levels of web use, and http based applications, deep packet inspection is needed to properly manage your network securely.

Edgewize has extensive and simple application layer filtering and content filtering. Our opensource signature database is constantly being expanded and refined and gets updated automatically. And yes, we can filter https traffic.

Flexible and redundant wan management

Edgewize provides easy one click wan management that can help you get up and running in minutes.

  • Port Forwarding
  • Transparent Tor Gateway
  • Multipath Wan Load Balancing
  • Conditional Routing and Load Balancing
  • Wan Link Failover

User authentication

Manage your network users as users. With Edgewize you can control network access based on user groups and roles. Edgewize can authenticate your users through a captive portal and, once authenticated, determine how their traffic is managed.

  • Manage firewall rules based on users and groups
  • Built in Captive Portal
  • Integrate with your existing directory service with LDAP and PAM support
  • Transfer quotas
  • QOS based on users

Site-to-Site and Client IPSec VPN

By utilizing IPSec and L2TP, Edgewize provides both Site-to-Site VPN connectivity and Client VPN support for roadwarriors or dial-in network users. Configuration and management is very streamlined, and can be integrated with SSO providers like Active Directory to provide a seamless client login process.

  • IPSec Gateway to Gateway Support
  • L2TP over IPSec Support
  • Authentication integration with Ldap Servers
  • Easy management of user login credentials
  • Automatic firewall configuration and management
  • Rich audit and event logging

Traffic Shaping and QOS

Edgewize comes with a QOS engine that can prioritise and limit bandwidth and traffic based on complex rulesets utilizing the same criteria that can be used in our application layer and ip layer filtering.

  • User and Group based Shaping
  • Prioritisation of traffic meeting criteria
  • Individual and cumulative rate limiting

Flexible Network Configuration

Most other firewall products limit you to a predefined interface configuration. With Edgewize, you have complete control over your network interfaces and you are free to implement virtually any network topology you wish.

  • VLAN 802.1q support on all interfaces
  • Bridged interface support
  • Bonding via LACP
  • Builtin DHCP server, relay and DNS forwarder

Get Started

Open Edgewize is the fastest Linewize product to get up and running with, and is completely opensource. It is installed locally on the device or virtual machine and can be used as a fallback when you don't have an internet connection. If you are running a small network, its the perfect solution, and a nice stepping stone for our Cloud Managed Products.

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